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Proudly Hand Coded by a Geek

Yep. The whole site is hand coded using various text editors. Not looking for a medal, just thought you wanted to know (you did click on the link from the front page or hit this page via search engine).

You won't find any Java. You won't find any Flash. In fact, your won't find any tables either. I use cascading style sheets and html, that's pretty much it. Some of the pages use PHP and Perl scripts but only where needed and usually because they are pre-canned packages.

I've used various "content management systems" such as phpWebSite and PHPNuke. They are great if you need all that stuff. I don't. I'm not familiar enough with php to make my way around and they are a bit bloated for what I want. So I do it by hand. I use Dreamweaver only because it has a nice editor and I can keep local files synchronized, but I know there are other editors out there that do the same thing.

Anyway, there are much more interesting things here to see. Pick something from the menu at the left.

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