A list of known referrer spam sources

Referrer/Referer (sic) Spammers -- a Who's Who of losers and scumbags

Ever wonder why you have sites listed as "referrers" in the log files of your web server even though those sites don't actually have links to your site? Simple. The answer is greed.

Since the early days of the web, people have been finding ways to manipulate search engines like Yahoo, Lycos and Google. The first people who were successful at this were the pornographers. They discovered that by loading their "keywords" met-tags with random english words they could get higher listings in the search engines. You would do a search for "pepperoni pizza" and end up getting 20 listings for porn sites. Higher listings means more traffic. More traffic means more money. Shortly after that trick reared its ugly head, the search engines began ignoring meta-tag keywords and, although they don't overtly admit it, they still do to this day.

So how do you get a higher listing in the search engines? The engine operators are very closed-mouth about this for one reason -- money. Why would they tell you how to move your ranking to the top of the list for free when they can charge you to move it there? About the only reference Google currently makes to their methodology is that they decide who and when to crawl based on how many other sites have links to your site. Supposedly this allows the Internet to rank itself. The more popular your site is with the Internet at large, the higher your ranking in the search results.

So if you can't get hundreds of people to list your site out of the goodness of their heart, how do you get your site URL under the nose of the search engine robots? Simple, you force your URL on unsuspecting administrators.

Simply, the losers who came up with this "Referer SPAM" scheme place their URL into the referer field of a robot and let it roam across the web. The log files of unsuspecting site administrators are now littered with the URL of the spamming sites. What good does that do? Well in the case of my site (and millions of others) it does absolutely no good. But some sites actually put copies of their logs on-line for others to view. Usually these are highly formatted with programs like Analog or AWSTATS. Several of the blog programs also show referrers right on the front page of the blog. The search engines stumble on these logs and the spammer's URLs get counted.

The solution to this problem will be left as an exercise to the student. However, for those that like to keep informed about these kinds of nefarious activities, we offer a short but positive list of those who have spammed us here. We welcome contributions from others, please send enough information that we can confirm the details.

Source Address            Referer Spammer
======================================================     mywbs.com     pacificair.com     spidervisit.com (hostitcheap.com)     bravespider.com (hostitcheap.com)     fastcrawl.com (hostitcheap.com)     asitesearch.com (hostitcheap.com)     aweblist.com (hostitcheap.com)     asitelist.com (hostitcheap.com)     bigweblist.com (hostitcheap.com)     catagoryhound.com (hostitcheap.com)       i-horny.com      w3md.net      cartedaffaire.net     xopy.com     timberfrog.com     finderfox.com       syntryx.com    harry-potter-fire.com    trans-union-review.com    pimp-my-ride-tuning.com     game2code.info     toyota-ford-truck.info     carpetcleaners2.info     cars-wheels-auto.info     car-q.info     computer-softwaree.info     auto-motorcycle-helmet.info     car-insurance-zone.com     health-insurance-2.com     barcodecs.com     mobuma.com      pokerlistings.ca      arkadia.com     FreeGame123.com       alledvd.de       euroautoteile.de       eurofahrrad.de       eurohoroskop.de       euroklingelton.de       flirtenjetztg.de       greatnotebook.de       happyhund.de       happykatze.de       happypferd.de       jetztjob.de       megagesundheit.de       megakosmetik.de       superkontaktlinsen.de       topdigitalfoto.de       wohnunghier.de       worldlastminute.de       xxlgarten.de       xxlgeschenk.de       xxlpfundeweg.de       xxlwellness.de       greatimmobilien.de       flohrlaw.com       exercise-i.com       ixkey.com       avatarprinting.com       bluewaveradio.com       feiyuantools.com       timekapsules.com       titletownbrewery.com       art-comp.com       artcoa.com       ashtarte.com       processedge.com       sawneedrug.com    ipayforhouses.com    paperbagssite.com    paperbagsfyi.com    fyipaperbags.com    bagag.com    bestpaperbags.com    my-post.com    ny-eye.com    binnb.com    beddingi.com    imixrecords.com    tellduilaw.com    tpty.com    favorsspace.com       discountnexus.com       besftbuy.com       bestbujy.com

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